Sunday, January 22, 2012

Little bit of this and that..

The ballet Friday night was awesome. We got all dressed up and Lana, Katie, and I went to get dinner at a restaurant one of our teachers recommended before the show. We gave ourselves what we thought was enough time to eat, but then remembered we are in Italy… nothing is fast. We ordered a salad that had oranges and almonds in it that was pretty tasty! We had our desserts picked out, but couldn’t get it because we were running late.. L Guess we will just have to go back!
The theatre was beautiful inside, although the seating arrangement wasn’t the best-there were nice seats on the first level and then just chairs that you couldn’t move lining the edges of the mezzanines on all the other levels-made it hard to see over the guardrail! But the ballet was great. It was nice to go out with the whole group.

Saturday I took the opportunity we had to sleep in! The shutters in our room keep it pitch black no matter the time of the day.. so 11am rolled around and I finally decided to get up. We made our way to the market to restock our fridge-got a whole baby chicken for 7 euro! The great thing about the meat here is it comes pre-cooked and seasoned! So the cooking time is cut in half and it tastes delicious! The people at the market seemed a little more accepting and nice to us – probably because we were actually speaking Italian this time..
After the market and lunch, a nap was in order- don’t judge, that’s what they do here! I spent the rest of the afternoon walking the city again and taking more pictures. I caught a glimpse of the sunset from the wrong side of town, but it was still amazing.. check it out.

 I got to talk to my family for the first time since we left, and to Melissa and Emily. It was a great day and it wasn’t even over! A group of us went out to Clan Destin – restaurant by day, bar by night- and Bar Duomo. We actually were around people our age for the first time since we arrived. They told us that all the kids go to school somewhere off the hill and then come back for the weekends, which is exactly what happened. Anyway, I tried a couple new beers (birra) and was actually pretty pleased! Their way of doing things is a bit different, it's like an honor system.. you take your drinks and at the end of the night go tell them what you had and pay. Very interesting. We also discovered that of all American music, the Italians love the Beach Boys-quite the choice.
Today was another lazy day.. we originally planned to go to church, but 8:30 rolled around and no one got out of bed. We will give it another shot next week. I went for a run through town and down to the Rupe-a trail below that circles the whole city. I soon discovered this isn’t meant to be a running trail –lots of steep hills! I’ve spent the rest of the day sketching and walking and not much more. Classes start tomorrow so just trying to relax until then!

Buena Sera!

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