Friday, January 27, 2012


Wine Crawl = success! We had most of the crew there Wednesday night; it was a great time hanging out with everyone and immersing ourselves in the culture.. aka-wine haha. The morning came early- off to the market for cooking class. We met up with Chef Lorenzo at his restaurant, Zeppelin, and he fed us cappuccino, and for a lucky few, cognac. Gooood Morning haha. We headed to the market and he taught us about different meats, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables. We got some samples and he bought food for us to make our meals with. We ended the market tour with, you guessed it, another cappuccino… I learned the hard way that their coffees are A LOT stronger than ours. I tried to go home and take a nap after, but instead I laid in bed… wide awake. Haha
Skype date with Emily-she got up bright and early just to talk to me! It was supposed to be a coffee date, but I thought maybe I should play it safe and not have anymore caffeine. Cooking class came and boy did we cook! Of course as soon as we walked in he fed us another espresso.. my heart got a work out--but you know what they say "When in Rome"...errr Orvieto? We got right to work with our menu- bread with 4 cheeses, breadsticks with mozzerella and prosciutto, pizza with mozzerella and tomatoes, fried artichokes, homemade pasta with broccoli and anchovies (actually delicious), lamb with sundried tomatoes, turnips, and a salad.... not done yet.. for dessert we had a coffee/chocolate mousse with a biscotti and lemon gelato and a shot of grappa... food and wine was great, grappa was not! We were there for 7 hours.. whew! After we finally digested and were able to move we headed home with our leftovers and went into a food coma-thus no blog yesterday.
Woke up with more energy and actually had an appetite..weird. We got all of our tickets and information for Rome--leave bright and early tomorrow morning! Then we took a brisk roommate walk around the Rupe- lots of hills, quite the workout! The rest of the day has been spent finishing up our project for studio so we can stay in Rome for the weekend. Tonight is our wine tasting seminar back at Zeppelins! mmmmm... followed by dinner with a 15% discount. They love us. :)
I don't have any pictures of our food because I forgot my camera.. but I will steal some from people and share with you later! So for now enjoy this panorama at the edge of the cliff. :)


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