Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Good Food, Good Friends, Good Wine

We were craving pizza last night- So we ventured out to eat at a place previous students raved about.. Charlie's! However.. we learned when we got there that they were closed on Tuesdays.. interesting day to be closed. That's how Orvieto is though, odd working hours. So we walked around until we found another one- La Cordone. We got 3 different pizzas to share between the four of us- one with ham and cheese, one with whole slices of tomato, and one with mushrooms, olives, and artichokes. Oh.. and a bottle of Orvieto red wine. They were by far some of the best pizzas I've ever had! (this is the good food part of the blog...) The night was ended with some reading for my seminar class and a chat with my big sis! :)

Day three of class today, and its our Friday for the week! We had studio to work on our projects then had some lunch and a nice siesta :) Love the Italian lifestyle! Wrapping up the day here with some dinner - decided to change it up and have scrambled eggs instead of pasta!! haha  Tonight will be eventful with a house to house wine crawl with the study abroad crew! (this is the good friends and wine part...)

Our landlord/cleaning lady came by today so we got to come home to fresh sheets and towels! And a new cake of the week! :) Our land lady is so nice! Update: my laundry is almost dry...


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