Monday, January 23, 2012

Centro Studi- Official Day 1

Today was our first day of classes. We started off with studio and talking about our first assignment which is a "get to know Orvieto" type of project. We are split up into 5 groups and are assigned a part of the city, and we have to explore and basically make a page for a guide book that includes information on the shops, gardens, what there is to do, etc. It's a great way to get to know the town. Then we give tours next week of our section. Going to be a looooot of walking.

After class we had lunch - Katie and I met up with Naihao and he showed us a place to eat. We ordered Piadina which was a burrito like thing. It was a tortilla with what we thought was shaved lamb (actually pretty tasty), and some lettuce, cabbage, onion, tomato, picante (HOT sauce), and ranch. All for 3,50 euro! It was very filling and very delicious! We went and got some bread since ours was hard as a rock. I would say the bread we got was about twice the size of my head-so good :)

We had our other class which is a seminar- the class I'm in is studying the topic of "healing places" which is a study of how to design a space in such a way to heal the 4 bodies and not just design something to have. It is also studying the idea of "citta slow" which Orvieto is a founder of. It's the idea of slowing down the pace of life and enjoying it-not taking anything for granted. I am really excited for this class... should be pretty interesting. Not too much more going on today, just getting into the swing of things. Getting ready to go get some gelato with my buddy Katie! Mmmmmm.. :)

Here's a couple pictures of the Duomo at night that I took this evening.. such a beautiful place-looks like a painting everytime I walk by. Still feel like I'm in a dream...


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  1. Thats really cool sissy! Sounds like your having a great time :) and i cant wait to see all your other pics!