Friday, January 20, 2012

Buona sera amichi!

Dinner was fantastic last night. We enjoyed pizza and many other appetizers cooked by Chef Lorenzo’s students. It was delicious. We also got our taste of three different wines (one tasted just like our favorite Moscato Melissa!) After dinner we stopped to get gelato at a place recommended by one of our Italian professors. I had cappuccino flavored-I was in heaven! We ended the evening by getting a couple bottles of Orvieto Classico (a local wine) and enjoying the company of friends at our apartment.
Today we had our first day of class, and I have never been so interested in a history class in my life. Marco is our professor and is by far one of the most interesting men I’ve ever met. He enjoys everything so much, the three hour class felt like nothing! We were dismissed and free to go off on our own.  The day went from foggy to sunny and beautiful, so I decided to take a long walk around the city to try to discover some new things.  It is so relaxing to just be able to wander around and just appreciate what the city has to offer. I have found myself just strolling through the streets and taking it all in, something I think we lose and don’t appreciate back home. This city is definitely one in a million, and I’m enjoying every minute of it.
Single rose above a door during our walk
Favorite Road :)
Tonight we are going to go to the theater to enjoy the ballet Swan Lake. Can’t wait to see it and share how it is—it will be amazing I’m sure. See facebook for more pictures from my walk today!

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