Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A, B,C.. easy as.. uno, due, tre...

Today was another full day of class, but it didn’t seem like it. Lana, Anne, and I got up at 7 to go out and sketch before class *note to self: next time bring something to sit on because the stone is freeeezing in the morning.* We also had our first day of Italian… Not allowed to speak English in the classroom.. little bit challenging to say the least! But they are teaching us the essentials to function in Italian society so it should be great.
We had another history class with Marco too, and it was just as interesting as the first. Never thought I would be able to sit through a 3 hour history lecture course and enjoy it without falling asleep!  We also  learned during class that there will be a railway strike Thursday night til Friday night.. so our Rome trip is getting postponed til Saturday. This works out perfectly though because now we can stay the rest of the weekend and explore without interfering with Orvieto cooking activities. Get Pumped! Colosseum, Palatine Gardens, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Vattican Museum and Saint Peters-lots to see in one weekend. Maybe we can see the pope.. haha. Be prepared for lots of pictures!
We are spending the rest of the night coordinating our Rome stay and wrapping up some homework—it does exist here too – and watching our laundry dry… One thing I took for granted at home (dryers) They don’t have dryers here so you have to hang your laundry, which wouldn’t be so bad except we don’t seem to have a spin cycle so your clothes come out dripping wet.. :S Maybe we are doing it wrong? Hm.
Random picture of the day-during my walk with Anne and Lana
Until tomorrow! Ciao!

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