Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We're not in Kansas anymore... right?

So don't take my title as a comparison of Italy to Kansas, trust me, there is no comparison. There is a story behind the title and here it goes:

Yesterday, Orvieto started to get cold... and rainy :( boooo.. So after classes we just stayed home all night long. I went to sleep in my cozy bed and woke up... to 4+ inches of snow. It's not supposed to do that here right? Not right.. It's obviously very rare by the looks of the way some people were driving... or not driving. But I will admit, it did look very beautiful in the city today dispite the cold temperatures.

Hello Duomo.. Bit chilly today?

Even the poor dog didn't know what to do..

Panorama of the city down the cliff

Since I haven't posted in a couple days (been catching up on posting Rome pictures, etc) I'll rewind a bit, although there hasn't been too much going on. Monday we did all 5 of the group tours because they knew bad weather was on the way. It was a little rough considering we had spent all weekend walking around Rome, but we made it. After all was said and done Katie and I went out to some of the shops (big sales going on and ending soon..). We didn't buy anything, except food, wine, and gelato.. which were all good purchases haha. Tuesday we just had another day of class (history with Marco and Italian). Italian is quite the class; I feel like I'm in grade school again because we do worksheets, play games, and stare blankly as she rambles on in italian. Hopefully we can speak in some form of sentences when we are done!

Today was another day of studio and seminar. Our seminar class is another very interesting class... I think we have lucked out on all these great classes. We are currently reading about and studying the effects of sustainability and citta slow in small towns since Orvieto is a co-founder of the movement. From this we also talk about healing environments and comparisons of Orvieto to say.. Manhattan. The big group discussions really open your eyes to things you may not have origianlly thought of. I'm excited for this class to really start taking off.. We went to lunch at a small place called "Panini Vini". It's a little sandwich place that is delicious. We spent some time there and talked to the owner (as much as we could), and then he said after Easter he was going to invite us over to his house he and his wife were going to cook for us and give us wine. Italians are so nice! Would any sandwich shop owner in America do that? No way!  Tonight we will be hosting a small get together for Wine Wednesday.. Since it's cold we're not sure how many will turn out, but Gary and Sussane said they would make an appearance! Should be fun! :)

Wednesday means cleaning day, which also means another goodie from Franca.. Check it out! Delicious!


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