Thursday, February 9, 2012


I feel like I have started to run out of newer things to talk about, which is why I haven't posting everyday. Big posts will come after our weekend trips-which hopefully don't get ruined anymore by snow...

Tuesday night Anne made her group dinner- Apple Curry soup.. probably one of the best soups I've had. Very delicious. :) I called it an early night - still tired from birthday celebration weekend and lots of walking. Wednesday came, and we had class as usual. Studio to work on our new set of projects and a lecture from the director of the cittaslow movement. Cittaslow is something that partially originated in Orvieto where they promote local foods, eating, drinking, and all around community living to protect local identies... this is why Orvieto is such a slow paced, easy going city. We are studying this movement in our seminar and in studio so it's pretty cool to see how it all started and where they are going with it.

After the lecture we got a tour of the local winery and cooking school- very cool wine cellar. The night was another lazy one spent sketching and planning our weekend trip to Florence, Pisa, and Lucca. Today we finally got to go to the farmer's market. We felt like we had been deprived of good fruits and veggies since it was cancelled both days last week.. what will we do when we go home?... We stocked up on oranges, meat, and cheese. Oh how I love market days.

Wine Cellar
Tonight we are all going out to Bar Duomo because a local band said they would be there to play American music for us.. haha. We requested Journey, Eagles, Boston.. all the goodies.. I'm excited :) Then it will be time to pack up for our 7:30 am departure to Florence. Gonna be a cold weekend of travelling, but fun-we aren't gonna let the snow get in our way this weekend! :)
Sunset at the winery tour


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