Thursday, February 2, 2012

Shopping Italians.. ahhhh!!!

Wine Wednesday.. What a great time. More people showed up than we originally predicted (luckily today was glass recycling day haha) There was wine, cards, music, professors (yes our professors showed up.. pretty cool). Everyone had a good time.. it was evident because there were still people in our living room into the weeeee hours of the morning. Hopefully this becomes a tradition every week just to get everyone together for a good time :)

Since market is on Thursday and Saturday, we get Thursday morning off of class.. However, because of the snow storm yesterday, the market got cancelled.. We needed food; so we ventured down to the bottom of the hill to the coop. Oh...My...Goodness... It was crazy in there! I would compare it to Wal-Mart in Manhattan around back to school time or Country Stampede (except not trashy..) We spent over an hour in an undersized grocery store that didn't quite meet my expectations. It was nice and cheaper than some places up on the hill, but it was super packed.. and surprise surprise, no one spoke a lick of english. So if you need to find something.. well.. better just get to looking. But the labels are in Italian too.. so hopefully the pictures are adequate. haha. I for some reason had the idea that they might sell more "American" food.. but that idea was crushed. It was probably one of the most stressful grocery shopping experiences I've had. I'll probably stick to the stuff up on the hill as much as possible. :)

We got back in time to make lunch and relax and sketch for a while. I worked on my journal for Marco's class, which is actually kind of therapuetic-like blogging. It's nice to be able to relax and reflect on all the amazing experiences and opportunities that are being presented to us right now.

Tonight Katie is cooking us hamburgers and french fries.. mmmm.. we are all going to take turns cooking for the house.. My turn will consist of tacos, rice, and tortilla chips. Gotta spice up our food options every now and then! :) Margarhitta night is also tonight at Bar Duomo.. It should be a good time.

News update: bad news bears... trip to Assisi is cancelled. Stupid weather. This is why I don't like snow.. Now what to do for the birthday weekend... hmmmm... any ideas--let me know.

Another cute dog on our snow day :)

Cold Palm Tree.. :(

Poor fruit..
Ciao for now...

P.S. Some good did come of this day.. We figured out how to make our washer work right.. it was indeed operator error.. haha

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  1. While you are getting snow, we have 65 degrees and sunny weather here! Wow... at least you are in Italy right?

    Miss you!