Sunday, February 5, 2012

Trip Cancelled.. Bad thing? Not Necessarily.

Our taste of American food was delicious.. it hit the spot. For the first time ever cooking hamburgers I'd say Katie did a pretty good job! Since we had learned that our trip was cancelled we had all weekend to ourselves. Even though I was bummed that we couldn't go, it was nice to relax and not have to rush around to do anything. Friday consisted of sleeping in, 2 walks around the rupe-in which it started snowing..again, sketching, and a social gathering with some of the other girls to sketch... more talking than sketching got done of course.

Saturday was pretty much the same story different day. Slept in, only 1 walk around the rupe--where it started snowing AGAIN!, sketching, and some skype time with the family. I'll have to say this weekend was pretty nice even though we didn't do much. I think we are all at the point where we are starting to consider Orvieto home, so it's comfortable being here (not so much weather wise right now though with all this white stuff on the ground.. but I guess it does remind me of Kansas, even though it's 65 degrees there right now).

Snowy walk on the rupe

Snack to warm up after the walk :) mmmmm..

Saturday night we decided to have my birthday party celebration at our house since our original plan was impeded by the inclimate weather. Everyone came over, and we hung out and danced to Anne's lovely birthday playlist she made. I love that everyone here gets along because it makes the get togethers so much better. It was a great birthday, maybe my best; I don't know if you can top celebrating your birthday in Italy.

Anyway, short blog post for the long weekend.. It's been a good one though. The people at Bar Duomo told us they were going to stay open and put the super bowl on for us! It will be midnight here, and they don't do football so it is pretty awesome that they are catering to us so we can have a little taste of home.

Until tomorrow! Ciao!

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