Friday, May 4, 2012

Running Out of Time!

Monday afternoon we decided to mark some things off our Orvieto list that we hadn’t hit yet. One of those was the Underground of Orvieto. See, there are thousands of man-made caves in Orvieto; the public only has access to two of them because the others are private-owned by families. It was really cool to see the caves and where families kept their pigeons… yep, pigeons. Haha. After the caves we hit up a few of the museums, quickly of course because… you know… we don’t really like museums.
The Underground

That night Katie, Cammie and I decided to hit up a restaurant we hadn’t been to yet, La Grotta Fumare. It is a pretty nice restaurant, and the cool thing about it is that it is underground. You walk in and immediately go down a set of stairs and you eat in a cave. They were having a special menu, 4 courses and wine for 25 euro, and for that food it was not a bad price at all. I was in heaven! We had an appetizer with bread and beans, an amazing pasta, stuffed rabbit and a coffee flavored “ice cream” for dessert. It was delicious. I gave away the second glass of wine they gave us, however, because I had a job interview right after dinner! Couldn’t mess that up! So I had my interview, which went very well, and then read the rest of the night. The Hunger Games pulls you in!
On Tuesday we didn’t have anything going on. We had planned to go to Arezzo, but it was supposed to rain all day. Well guess what… I woke up and it was a gorgeous day. I went for a run and sat outside in the sun. Then we decided around 12:00 that it was going to be a beautiful day so we should go to Arezzo anyway, so off we went. We got in and stopped for lunch… cue downpour. Yeah… It rained pretty hard for a while. We waited it out and then began our travels. It rained off and on all day, but Arezzo is such a cool town I didn’t really care. We saw a bunch of churches (surprised?) and nice little parks and squares. It is cool to be able to take a short train ride and get to see all these cool little towns with so much character. It was a good day.
Duomo in Arezzo
We got back to Orvieto (an hour late because our train was delayed… surprise surprise) and went to another restaurant we hadn’t been to yet… again! It is a little restaurant by the cinema, and it was amazingly delicious too! First I had duck with honey and orange (so good!) and then I had a pasta with wild boar sauce. Dang… Food is just not going to be the same when I get home. So much for Olive Garden; they can’t touch Orvieto!
Duck for dinner.. mmmmm
Wednesday was our exhibition for studio. We set up our room to display all of our work from the whole semester and invited people we had met to come. Not too many people showed up, but it was kind of cool to see all of our work displayed. Sadly, none of the people I invited showed up… the market people and our landlord and cleaning lady. But I still love them!
After the exhibition, I went around souvenir shopping a little more, and then we prepared for that evening. Since we have a patio and a grill, we invited everyone over for a BBQ! It was awesome. Everyone came over and brought meat and other foods, and we just cooked, hung out and had a great time. It’s awesome to get everyone together, especially now that our time is coming to an end over here. At the end of the night we sent everyone home and cleaned up… to prepare for the next day.
Why you ask? Because we invited everyone over AGAIN Thursday morning for a brunch. We wanted to have Serena, Marina and Roberta over, and Roberta loves pancakes… so naturally we decided to have a potluck brunch so she could enjoy some pancakes American style! We had biscuits and gravy, fruit, potatoes, cookies, lasagna, pasta salad, regular salad, bread pudding, breadsticks, juice and wine. Anything you could ever imagine! Again it was a blast having everyone over. It’s our one last hoorah before we depart for the summer.
The rest of the day was spent packing… since I do leave in 2 days for London after all… and getting everything ready to go. I can’t believe how fast time has gone by. Almost a week and I’ll be home. I also found out today that I got the internship that I interviewed for on Monday; so excited for that – get to spend the summer in KC with my family and friends. What a good day, and it wasn’t even over. We went, yet again, to another restaurant we hadn’t eaten at yet recommended by Roberta, Il Cocco. I feel like a broken record, but damn it was good! I got an Umbrecelli pasta with truffles and a chicken dish. These places here sure know how to do food.

I am looking forward to some American style food when I get home though… don’t get me wrong! But I need to enjoy this while I can! Well… this has been a decent update… back to packing.
Another Sunset


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