Sunday, May 13, 2012


Well, I caught my flight to Prague, and I passed out right when I sat down and didn’t wake up until we landed. It was a great flight haha. I hopped on the bus and made it into town, but I then realized I didn’t have the map telling me where Kelsie’s dorm was. So I wandered around for a bit trying to find WiFi so I could pull up the map. It took some searching, but I found a Starbucks and stole internet from them. Luckily, I didn’t have to find my way because she got out of studio in time to come find me and take me back. We dropped off our stuff and had a quick lunch in the dining hall, and then we began walking around.
The library on campus
We took the metro to a part of town with a castle and pretty awesome cathedral – can’t get enough churches! We walked around for a bit just wandering the streets. Prague is quite a beautiful city. During this walk, she talked me into getting this dessert thing that is basically baked bread with cinnamon and sugar on it and Nutella smeared on the inside. It was pretty delicious! At about this same time, I realized when I went to buy my metro ticket, I got shorted 1000 crowns… which is about $50. I decided I would go try to get it back, thinking I probably had a very slim chance of doing so. We got back to the station and it took a little bit, but the lady remembered me and returned my money! Haha.
The cathedral
We got back to the room, and I was pretty tired…ended up passing out on Kelsie’s bed while she went for a run haha. It was a great nap though, and we went out to dinner with a group of people afterwards. We were going to try to go to a Mexican place, but the boys wanted pizza. Even though I just had 4 months of pizza, I went along with it, and it was pretty good I will admit. We headed back to the rooms afterwards and just relaxed and called it an early night. After four days of non-stop going in London, I needed an easy day.
Views from the hill of the cathedral
We got up not so early on Friday and grabbed some food and continued our adventures. We went to Old Town, which is very beautiful, and walked around before hitting up the Jewish quarters. We got to go inside a couple synagogues and museums and even a cemetery. The cemetery was unbelievable. There were tombstones everywhere, one right after another basically touching each other. We were a bit confused by it, and we read something that said there are over 100,000 Jewish people buried here and they are buried on top of each other. I couldn’t believe this!
The cemetary
After walking around we went back to the dorm to meet up with some people. We originally were going to go rent paddle boats and take on the river, but then everyone wanted to go to the lake, so we did that instead. This was perfectly fine with me – an afternoon of relaxing in the sun. We spent a couple hours here before heading back. Kelsie and I had been craving Mexican food so we set out to find a restaurant. We found one that was pretty good… not like home, but it satisfied the craving for a while. The salsa kind of tasted like spaghetti sauce… but we ate it anyway haha.
Mama and baby ducks at the lake
After dinner we walked around a bit more, grabbed some ice cream and headed back to the room. Kelsie said I had to try a beer from here, and I’m not one to argue so I did. It was pretty good – better than any Italian or London beer I had tried. It’s amazing how different everything is. We went back up to the room and sat out on the balcony watching the day turn to night. It was so beautiful out – much better weather than in London. It was a great day two in Prague.
Beautiful day
Day three began a lot later than expected… I may or may not have overslept until almost noon… :S I guess all these travels are wearing me out! But better late than never I guess! We began our journey, and the first stop was a recommendation by Kelsie… a street vendor that sells sausages. Apparently that’s something Prague is known for so I had to try it! It was rather large, but it was very good, and I ate it all! We continued walking and ended up at Frank Gehry’s Fred and Ginger house! It was really cool to see this since I had only seen it in books, but it did stick out like a sore thumb where it was. There was a balcony, but you are only allowed to go up between 4 and 6… :( dang our luck…
Fred and Ginger
At this point we went our separate ways so Kelsie could do work and rest before her marathon tomorrow and so I could keep exploring. I wandered around the city a bit, and then I climbed my way up a big hill to a tower that looked a lot like a mini version of the Eiffel Tower. I got to it and climbed to the top which gave a great 360 degree view of the city. It was beautiful! Definitely worth the climb. I began the walk down, rolling my ankle along the way but determined to keep going haha. I walked a bit more and made my way up to another recommendation – the metronome. It literally is a giant metronome, but it is at the top of a bunch of stairs serving as another nice overlook.
Mini Eiffel Tower
I made my way back down the stairs and wandered some more. First, I went back towards old town and hung out a bit; then I walked a little further and got a little lost, but I did make my way back. I met up with Kelsie to go grab some dinner. I thought since it was my last night in Prague, I should probably have some food from here… cuz the one sausage wasn’t enough. So we hit up a restaurant close by that serves a lot of typical dishes. I got Venison with Potato Pancakes. The meat was so tender; it was delicious. And the pancakes were basically like big hash browns. The food was really good, but it is so heavy, I don’t see how they would be able to eat it very often!
The Metronome
After dinner, we just hung out at the room for a bit and relaxed. Kelsie needed to rest before her race, and I didn’t mind relaxing either…even though I had only been up since noon. On Sunday I headed out and made my way back to Rome. It’s crazy to think that this adventure is almost over! In 24 hours I will be getting ready to board a plane for the US – it’s not just another weekend trip.
Views from the Tower...
Ciao Praha! It's been real. 

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