Sunday, May 6, 2012


So Saturday afternoon and evening were full of travels – I’m really liking this public transportation thing. Train to Rome, bus to airport, plane to London, bus to city… it’s really quite nice! Anyway, I left Orvieto at 3:30pm and got into London at about midnight. Lots of travel time, but it was well worth it. I met up with my friend Ryan and got settled in. I began planning what my first day in London should be filled with and then headed to sleep.
The tube...
I got up bright and early to begin my adventures – I didn’t want to waste any time in this great city. My first stop of the day was King’s Cross Station – just for all my Harry Potter friends. Yep, I went and gave platform 9 ¾ a visit haha. There were quite a few people gathered around it, but I waited my turn and got a picture pushing the cart into the wall.
Gettin' my Harry Potter on
My next destination – none other than the Olympic grounds. I was a little bummed out that I couldn’t get any closer to the buildings, but it was still pretty cool to see the stadium and aquatics center and everything. The Westfield shopping mall is right by the grounds, so I decided to make my way in there. From inside there is a mezzanine you can stand on and see the grounds, but sadly it wasn’t any better of a view from the outside. At the mall they also had a world food court… what did I pick you might ask? The Chipotle knock off of course… and it was gooooood eatin’!
Lunch! Chipotle knock off - equally delicious!
Before I headed back, I went to the Olympic store. From here there is an overlook that is much better. You can see everything! I’m actually kind of surprised that they aren’t further than they are, but I suppose two months is enough time to finish up. It better be anyway! After picking up some souvenirs I headed back towards the middle of the city.
Part of the Olympic Grounds
I met up with Ryan, and we took a walk down a very touristy street full of shops on our way to the British Museum. What’s nice about London is that although it is expensive in most aspects, the museums are free. Too bad I don’t like museums that much haha. But we spent a couple hours in the British Museum – saw a lot of things including the Rosetta Stone.
British Museum
After walking around so much, we decided to go grab some dinner. Along the way we walked through Covent Garden Market. It had a bunch of little shops and booths set up – and street performers of course. It was a pretty cool little place. We continued our walk and ended at Byron, a delicious burger place. I haven’t had a great burger since I’ve been here, so this was definitely welcomed. I had a cheeseburger with fries and an Oreo cookie milkshake. Could this day get any better?? Haha
Yes… yes it could – we headed to Abbey Road after dinner – so of course it could get better. The Beatles bring smiles to everyone’s faces! I was kind of surprised that there wasn’t much around… just the crosswalk. I think it’s funny how something so small can attract tourists from all over. If only the Beatles could be here now. We took the legendary picture and headed back home.
Being a loner on Abbey Road
Along the way we walked through part of Regent’s Park which is a HUGE park by Ryan’s dorm. It is very pretty right now because things are beginning to bloom – it was a great, peaceful way to end the day. Now I’m just planning out what the rest of my time here will be consumed with now that I have my London Pass! I can get into a lot of things for “free”! haha.
Regents Park
Can’t wait for day two! Stay tuned!
Ciao! I mean… Cheers!

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