Sunday, March 25, 2012

Castiglion del Lago

The weekend before the adventures was spent preparing for the upcoming trip. Unfortunately, I started coming down with something so it was also spent sleeping. I did manage to find time to make it on a day trip to a small town on a lake about 30 minutes outside of Orvieto – Castiglion del Lago. I jumped on the train Saturday afternoon and made my way there. When I got off I realized the part of the town I wanted to see was quite a walk away, and without a map I just followed my gut. 30 minutes later, I had made it to the city center.
Made it to the city!

It was a pretty cool little town. I think it was originally a fortress up on the hill, and they transformed most of the town into shops and then left part of the fortress on the lake. I was able to get into the main church and look around. It was a pretty place. I walked down the corso, by the shops and made my way to the fortress. It was quite amazing;once you made it to the top, you had a 360 degree view of the city and the lake. The wind was blowing pretty hard that day so I was able to see all the wind surfers and sail boats out on the water. It was a pretty peaceful place.
The Fortress 

After the fortress, I made my way down the hill to the shore of the lake. I just sat and watched the boats and the ducks – which look pretty funny running on the water – until I had to go catch my train. I made the trek back to the station and back home. I almost missed my stop on the way home :S I dozed off on the train and woke up at one of the stops… I looked out the window and thought “hmmm this looks familiar…” I looked behind me, and low and behold I was home! I had to jump up and run off the train… that was a close one!
Watching the sailboats
Sunday was just a packing and sleeping day, preparing for the long 2 weeks of travelling. Monday morning came and we loaded the buses to head to Verona. Our first stop before we made it to Verona was at a very modern church. It was a cool building, but I don’t know how I felt about it as a church. Let’s just say it was interesting… Thus begins the two week adventures!


  1. Were those trees at some point? (last picture)


    1. Yeah I think they were - don't ask me how they did it though! I just took the picture. haha